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Written Testimonies
Here are a few testimonies of the goodness of God. Please email us with your testimony.

Whilst browsing on the internet for a place to stay for the w/end of the visit to Ffald-Y-Brenin, the usual questions began to impact on my initial conviction and enthusiasm; “why go?” and “I’d be better off saving the money and doing something with the family” and ‘it might be a terrible experience and do more harm than good’ etc., (this is my mind doing it’s usual questioning/making sense job!) And then quite suddenly, unconsciously, a question popped into my head, out of the blue that asked “God, why should I go? I don’t even know what to ask for?” and immediately I was TOTALLY filled with God’s presence. There was no room for doubt or more questions; I just had to feel the experience. No choice! And I heard God saying, in a kind, but firm voice one might use to a tiresome child, “O.K this is what you need, Joanna; to just FEEL my presence”And I did, absolutely. “Wow”, is all I can say and it’s not a word I use really!

It is very hard to describe the “Wow!” and what I saw and felt but I’ll try and pass it onto you; with God’s voice, reassuring me that I am a child of God and therefore should just believe in God’s love for me, bright and brilliant images filled up my mind of his ‘spirit’ coursing through my entire body via my blood, filling up my veins and heart and filtering into every part of my brain; every nerve, nerve ending and synapse and linking every part of me with him. I could see it happening in my mind as if I had been given X-ray vision to an internal process that was occurring inside me as I sat at my kitchen table. It was extraordinary, really extraordinary and I have no doubts at all now, in my refreshed mind now (thank you God!) about what to do or what to ask for which is the ability to trust and know that God is always around and will meet me when I need him most.

God knew that for me, a bit of a rational thinker and analyser (!) the only way to get past my ‘head’ was to make me feel and give me images which he most certainly did in full technicolour and 3D. It was amazing, Wish I could have given this experience to everyone!
Thank you for letting me share this with you.

Kind regards,

Jo Penney – May 2013
“On Friday evening, I decided to do my ironing. I put the table up and plugged in and turned the iron on. I realised that the iron needed to be filled with water. I went into the kitchen to get a jug full, then reached out to hold the iron with my left hand. By this time the iron was very hot and it burnt the upper part of my fingers. It was very painful and I rushed back into the kitchen to hold my hand under cold running water for a few moments. As I did so I covered my hand with the blood of Jesus to protect my fingers from infection. And then I thanked and praised the Lord for healing my hand. Within the hour the pain had gone and the redness had disappeared.”
Just remembered another miracle.
“A few weeks ago I slipped on the stairs and fell on my left side and severely banged my rib cage on the edge of a step. The pain in that area of my body was very strong and caused me to gasp because I couldn’t get my breath. Then I started to cry because it hurt so much .Amidst the tears I covered myself with the blood of Jesus and confessed that no damage was done to my body and I was healed in the Name of Jesus. After a few moments I was able to stand up. My left arm and leg were a bit stiff for a few days but that was all. God is so amazing.”
Josie Owen-Roberts – 20th July 2013
We had just arrived at the London venue for a rehersal and the gears failed on the car! Our immediate thought was that the gear box was the problem, which would cost hundreds to fix. We praised God anyway for his never ending faithfulness. During the worship event we were blessed with a cheque to cover costs towards the car. After the worship event we called the tow truck to take us back to Shrewsbury. I took three different trucks to get us back home. The first two drivers didn’t even look at the car to check what the problem was, but the third driver said “it’s just the link arm that has come unclipped”. He opened the bonnet and clicked it back into place. The car worked perfectly again! But he said we would need to get a replacement part asap. We arrived home at 4.20am!!! It had been a long day!
So three things came out of this experience.
1. We didn’t have to drive back from London being tired.
2. We saved £40 on fuel
3. God led someone to give us a cheque which covered the same amount it cost us to get the car repaired!
All glory to God.
Adam & Beata Threlfall – 6th June 2013
I was sound asleep, dreaming someone had taken me into this strange place.  It was all grey and drab and everything was made of stone, rock or clay.  There were men, women and children all like statues; even the children’s toys were clay.
As I stood and looked around, I knew for sure the person with me was Jesus.  He looked straight at me and said “Now I will give you my living presents”.  I stood waiting, then, with a big smile on His face He said “Would you like a cat, dog or a donkey”?  As He was saying this He started to laugh, so much that it woke me up. But even then I could not stop laughing; the tears were running down my face.
Eventually I calmed down but I knew for sure Jesus had filled me with HIS LIVING PRESENCE, and was I was amazed that He knew me so well that He could play a joke on me and know I would see the funny side.
I also knew He was saying that without HIS PRESENCE in us we are missing that full and abundant life God has for us.
Who says God hasn’t got a sense of humour and what a privilege to share it.
Barbara Calloway – 15th Nov 2012
My battle with the devil started years ago, probably around the same time as my relationship with God.  I started to smoke at the age of 11 and it’s been my dirty little secret ever since  –  a pact between me and the devil that not even my relationship with God could break.  All the time I was smoking I was creating a barrier between myself and God, I felt I couldn’t have a proper personal relationship with him because I was clinging onto my addiction.  I knew God loved my anyway – whatever I did and continued to do but in my heart I felt how could he really love me and forgive me when I constantly kept hold of my addiction.  I would pray to God to take this addiction away from me but at the same time would hear the devil saying “you’re never going to do this, you’ll never beat me/the addiction.”  I kept the habit a secret from almost everyone I knew but it stopped me from doing an awful lot of things – I would choose not to socialise with anyone who didn’t know my dirty little secret.
Recently – well over the last few months I think I realised that there may be a way out; surprise surprise it was through God. 
The final acts of my battle with the devil over my addiction stated one Sunday in church when we were told – if we wanted prayer for healing we could go up to the chancel where someone would pray for us. I had no need of prayer for healing, or so I thought, but somehow found myself in front of James and Michelle.  When they asked me what I wanted prayer for, for a split second I thought “I have absolutely no idea!” before opening my mouth and out popped “I want healing from addition”. They prayed long and hard and I truly felt God wash over me, I knew it was the way.  Unfortunately I went home and carried on smoking, carried on deceiving myself and others, cheating on myself, my friends, my God.  Feeling like a horrible, unworthy, nasty cheat; all the while listening to the lies of the devil.  Believing him when he told me my life wouldn’t be the same without this drug; it wouldn’t be as good or as enjoyable.  Ok – I wouldn’t have to lie to people, I would have more money, I wouldn’t smell so bad, I would have a better social life, I would have a healthier life, but none of that counted because I had to keep nicotine in my life, I listened to and believed all his lies.
Three weeks ago Richard preached and in his preaching I heard about binding the devil – speaking out loud and binding him with the words of God.  Nothing particularly new, I have heard it before, but the week before Josie had spoken about refusing to accept illness from the devil, to speak out and send him packing.
For some reason I left this day from church and didn’t smoke again.  There was no conscious decision, no planning, no working up to it, I just didn’t smoke again.  The first two days the devil lived constantly on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, telling me his lies.  I didn’t listen, I more than didn’t listen, I spoke out against him.  “I bind you devil in the words of my saviour and Lord. I command you leave me alone in the name of my Father”.  I have to say that he gave up quite easily; I was expecting more of a battle.  I think he could see my strength came from God and there was no point in hanging around anymore.
I thought that was the end of it, God has healed me, he has beaten the devil, I can live my life as a non- smoker, I can now join in everything and no-one need ever know my dirty little secret.
I have been healed and I have to declare it. I have to give the glory to God.
Debi Harper 25th Febuary 2012
… when you asked us all to close our eyes and ask Jesus to speak directly to us and asked us to open up our hearts in order to hear God’s voice, I heard just that. God said to me, instantly, “I want you to be reborn and I want you to open your heart so that my voice can speak directly to it. Joanna, you are my daughter and I love you and want you to be born again”. It was so brilliantly clear and when you prompted us to ask how we would know if the voice we heard in our hearts was sincere or our own, he replied, instantaneously, ” Because I am Jesus, son of God!”  It was as simple as that. I then briefly saw part of his torn torso to validate his identity (nothing gruesome but again, just simple evidence) and it wasn’t sad just wonderfully reassuring and friendly.
I have never, ever had an experience like that in my entire life and I feel so much more open and able to trust; trust that if I allow the Holy Spirit to enter my heart and guide me, then I will be following God’s law and not man’s. It is man’s law which has caused me so many problems and this is the answer I have been waiting for a very, very long time.
Jo Penney – 30th Oct 2011
I raised my hand along with several others when we were receiving prayer ministry from the front by Steve and Samia on Wednesday night worship session. As instructed I placed my hand on my painful knee and joined the prayer that the Lord would heal me, that I would receive the healing being prayed over us. I’ve had trouble with my knees for 20 years which comes and goes but has been keeping me awake the last couple of nights. In fact that evening the pain was quite intense and left me wishing I’d brought some pain relief tablets with me.
As the prayer ministry over us from the front continued I wasn’t feeling anything, either in my body or in my spirit. My heart was both pleading with the Lord but also sinking as I began to resign myself to continue to bear the pain.
We then came to the front for blessing as a group and individually, which I gratefully received but again didn’t feel any manifest sensations in my body or spirit. Finally we came together in a huddle as Steve and Samia paced around us 7 times proclaiming the word of the Lord. I continued to pray to myself, I know that Jesus could heal me in a moment, that all that is needed has already been done. I prayed that I would find how to receive what I was sure He wanted for me – because He loves me so.
Still no move in my spirit, no feelings or sensations – but then, as they started their last and seventh circuit of our small group I felt the pain suddenly draining away, fading and leaving – not so much a warmth but a feeling of peace in my knee, of stillness. I could feel the muscle groups one by one suddenly relaxing. By the time they’d finished my pain had gone entirely and I started to flex my knee and leg just to confirm it really had gone… and it had, and remained ‘gone’ over the following minutes as I waited for a chance to give my testimony back to Steve and Samia. Hallelujah! Praise The Lord!
Now, two days on I have one very healed knee! Very peaceful and no pain at all. I shared this with our house group last night and they all cheered and were encouraged.
I thank Steve and Samia for their faithful ministry.
Above all I give praise to Jesus. My Lord.
God is so good!
Peter Burton – 5th Oct 2012
Dear Team,
I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for organising this wonderful event. Thank you all also, for contributing all your energy, time, passions and beliefs with me and everyone else present. I cannot tell you how much it helped and strengthened me. Really! I am not good with words so I can’t do you all justice you deserve.
Just as I was waking up Sunday a.m. I saw 4 or 5 black lines, like calligraphy drawn lines, spaced out on a piece of parchment and they were swaying back and forth and then I heard Richard’s laugh. Simultaneously, I saw the smiling face of Jesus and I knew that that laughter welled up from a spring of pure joy; not mocking, not self-indulgent whatever but pure joy in the knowledge of God. And I felt so warm and happy. You see, bit by bit, God is making me see all the false beliefs I have and he is finding ways of getting into them and undoing them. Alleluya! And there was I, thinking I was a reasonably open minded person!
So, Richard, my apologies and thanks also.
Oh, one more thing, I have had a rotten and very sore lower back for weeks and I woke up this morning and it was gone. I didn’t ask for prayer but I did some myself . tentatively, at home on Sunday morning and this morning, it was gone. Amazing. Thank you all so much because without this conference and all our input and rock solid beliefs, i would not be where I am right now.
God bless you all and keep you safe.
Kind regards
29th April 2012 (Christian writers’ conference at HTBV)
It’s true to say that about a year ago I became a little disillusioned with what was happening at Holy Trinity Church. I didn’t feel entirely comfortable with all the changes that were taking place. My heart was hard, my eyes and ears were closed to what was  happening, (or, so I thought) and it didn’t feel like MY church anymore. After quite a  long while of feeling this way I made the decision that the time had come for me to look around for a new church. I visited a couple of other churches in the town and was quite surprised that I found their services too formal and too bound up in the structure and regulation of worship. I very soon realized that maybe the Holy Spirit had worked on my heart at Holy Trinity and that’s where I needed to be.
At the same tune Alison had told us in the Wednesday housegroup that we were going to be studying Bill Johnson’s book “The Supernatural Power of the Transformed Mind”. Again my thoughts were ungracious. “What would some kooky American have to teach me about my relationship with God???” But I realized that things WERE happening at Holy Trinity and I DID want to be part of whatever it was. I wanted, what it seemed to me, everyone else had… this amazing revitalized relationship.
Right from the start of reading the book it blew me away, In an instant, from reading that God wanted the same for us as He did for Jesus, (I know that that is what we’ve always been told) suddenly, it had a totally different meaning. It was almost like someone had cleaned my glasses and I was able to see clearly for the first time. God wanted EXACTLY the same for us as He did for Jesus. We could claim our inheritance as God’s children and we can do EVERYTHING that Jesus did, by the power of God.
Having just read that back, I think, “Well we were told this all along”, But for some reason I must not have believed that it was exactly for us as it was for Jesus, but now I know it is.
 I now read my Bible with new eyes and accept that in God’s power ANYTHING is possible (again we’ve always been told this, but did I really believe it?) including miracles and healings. I’ve had first-hand experience of healing when I was prayed for at housegroup and instantly my knee which I’d had severe pain and weakness in for months, was healed and I was able to walk upstairs for the first time without it giving way and with no pain whatsoever.
As it says in the Lord’s Prayer “Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” it couldn’t be any clearer, but somehow I’d missed the meaning. God’s heaven is here on earth, now and I am so excited about that.
Debi Harper – 11th April 2011
I was at house group, and had suffered with a back strain the previous day after trying to run up a flight of stairs for a train whilst carrying a heavy case.  I missed the train, had terrible back twinges, and generally felt very sorry for myself!  We had been talking about spiritual gifts in house group, and I asked for prayer for my back towards the end of the evening, knowing that I was about to take my earthly father out of a care home, to look after him full time.  I would be moving in with him, and whilst I knew it was right to do this, there was still a tension in my heart for the sacrifice of my freedom that this would mean.  A person in the group held her hand on my back and prayed in silence.  She then moved to face me and said that it wasn’t my back that needed healing, it was my heart.  God wanted to put the pieces of my heart back together, and it was my heart that needed to be re-positioned in order for healing to take place.  This immediately resonated with me, and I understood her word of knowledge about my internal struggle with the decision I had made regarding my dad.  I didn’t know how to pray into this, but just laid it before the Lord.  We then found the scripture from Isaiah which talks about beauty for ashes, and the oil of gladness, which is what God was anointing me with at that time.
The next day, I got my dad out of the care home, and went to live with him.  I felt a new joy in my heart, and knew that surgery of the heart had taken place.  There was no longer a tension with what I had decided to do.  My back pain was completely healed as well!  This testimony was the basis of a sermon in church, where I was so involved with the healing of my heart that I completely forgot to tell the congregation about my back!  I knew that the back was a secondary healing, and that the really significant work had been done on the heart.  I wonder what would have happened if I had not run for that train and missed it!  Praise God! 
Verity Lowe – March 24th 2011