About Us

Our Vision: To see the people of our church and our world devoted to Christ and to one another.

Our Mission: Be Authentic; Pray Always; Love Unconditionally; Live Generously; Minister Healing.

Our Values:






Holy Trinity Church with St. Julian Belle Vue is the Church of England Parish Church for Belle Vue, Coleham, Reabrook, Sutton Park and parts of Kingsland in Shrewsbury-Shropshire UK.

We are the result a combination of St. Julian’s Church which was an evangelical congregation worshiping in the centre of town dating back to at least the 12th century. As Shrewsbury grew in the early 1800’s a chapel of ease was built on the south side of the Servern River to accommodate worshipers in that area of the parish of St Julian’s which included the Coleham area. in 1832 Holy Trinity Coleham became a daughter church within the parish with a traditional ‘low church’ Anglican expression.

In 1976 the Diocese of Lichfield chose to combine the two churches, keeping the church building of Holy Trinity and the Vicar of St. Julian’s. The combined church has gone by a variety of variations of the two churches’ names and is currently known at Holy Trinity Church with St Julian Belle Vue, or HTBV for short.

We identify as an evangelical-charismatic church within the Church of England.